Medical Equipment & Devices

In the medical industry, solutions need to be fast and exact—anything less and the product could be subject to restrictions by governing entities, like the FDA. Like many other industries, medical technology and healthcare professionals can take advantage of Signicast’s shorter lead times, total project automation, and wide alloy selection to get components off the ground and ready to serve patients as quickly as possible.


Benefits of Investment Casting for Medical Equipment and Devices

With Signicast, you’re getting value engineering, manufacturability consulting, and rapid prototyping with each project. But for the medical industry, the real value in the investment casting process lies in its capabilities. With investment casting at Signicast, you can take advantage of an accelerated speed to market, virtually limitless alloy selection, and unmatched complex part geometry at varying production volumes.


Accelerated Speed-to-Market

We’re committed to giving you the best performing parts as quickly as possible. Our proprietary automated process means we can significantly reduce lead times, delivering your components faster and enabling you to get to market before your competition.


Complex Part Geometry at Scale

Investment casting allows you to incorporate complex design features like lettering, date codes, internal threads, splines, and other unusual shapes directly into the casting—all to scale. Say goodbye to costly secondary operations.


Flexible Alloy Capabilities

We pour everything from 400 series stainless steel to aluminum. In fact, we pour pretty much any alloy 24/7, with very few exceptions. For Class 1 and 2 medical products, we’ve had success pouring 17-4, 316, 15-5, and 304 stainless steels to achieve strength and some levels of biocompatibility. We can also pour ASTM-F75 cobalt alloys for implantable devices.
Whether your component needs to have medical grade biocompatibility or maintain strength under stress, we have the alloy for you. Interested in seeing a list of our most popular material options? Click here to see what we’re pouring.


For medical technology and healthcare equipment applications, the key to investment casting is to fully utilize its flexible capabilities, incorporating as much value into the cast piece as possible.


Surgical Devices

Surgical devices can be as specialized and varied as the field of medicine. Traditionally, machined aluminum and stainless steels were some of the few materials that met stringent FDA requirements, but today a wide variety of investment casting materials and parts are found in surgical devices.

Notable for the strength, precise tolerances, and complex design features of our castings, Signicast is an ideal partner for surgical device manufacturers. We have experience casting internal parts and housings for handheld surgical devices, clamps, blood pumps, electronic equipment, and prototypes for burgeoning technologies like surgical robotics.


Diagnostic Equipment

Intelligent therapy and diagnostic devices used to help screen, assess, and diagnose patients must be designed with a high-level of sophistication for easy and effective use in the lab, office, or at the patient’s home. For diagnostic device manufacturers, offering state-of-the-art tools with ergonomic design means considering durability and appearance in addition to function.

Investment casting offers dense, repeatable parts available with a variety of surface finishes to satisfy utility or cosmetic requirements. And we bring experience with diagnostic test kits, motors, diagnostic software housings, vital monitors, and more to the table. And in some cases, Signicast has been able to deliver diagnostic equipment to meet community need during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, right under the wire.


Patient Comfort Assistance and Orthopedic Devices

Comfort and assistance devices and orthopedics help to maintain the necessary level of care for patients, and require reliable, durable components. Whether making up an adjustable patient bed, an IV pole, crutches, or portable oxygen concentrators, these devices are an important part of a patient’s treatment. Signicast offers a wealth of experience with these devices, offering engineering to get the most value and durability out of each part.


Meet Market Demands

Signicast upholds superior standards in both quality and delivery performance. We ensure that partnering with us will meet volume needs and protect the esteemed reputation and advancement of our clients’ brand identities in the market. 


Get in contact with an expert in the medical equipment and devices industry to learn how you can gain a competitive edge in your upcoming project.




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