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Investment Casting 101

Learn about the advantages of investment casting and how this process can be used to create almost any configuration of your metal component. 

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Investment casting alloy properties and capabilities

Materials Mad Science

With investment casting, your material selection is virtually limitless. And with so many options, we want you to be informed about the advantages, properties, and capabilities of each family of alloys. Learn more during our webinar. 
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Minimize Porosity Maximize Performance

Minimizing porosity in investment casting begins in the design phase. Using gating and solidification analysis, Signicast engineers control porosity while maximizing the performance of the part.
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Prototyping for Production

Learn how working with a team of experienced engineers can effectively streamline your project from design conception, to functional testing, all the way to a successful program launch.

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Converting to Investment Casting

Can converting your part to the investment casting process improve your component design all while saving you time and money? Download the free online seminar, here.

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