Other Markets

Every industry that works with precision metal components requires shorter lead times, and total lower total costs. You might need a component that performs more effectively. Or consolidates multiple parts into a single more efficient one. Or gets you to market faster, at a lower cost than your competitors. We service many industries that have these needs, including:

  • Locks and hardware
  • Specialty automotive
  • Industrial machinery
  • Electrical controls
  • Medical and dental

Our specialized processes allow us to address your specific needs – like thin-wall casting, for a lightweight, streamlined design in your medical or dental instrument. Or higher-strength steel alloys for locks and hardware, and superior strength in industrial machinery. Primary applications in these other markets are:

  • Building products
  • Hardware
  • Food equipment

Whatever your market, with world-leading experts, rapid prototyping and delivery, in-house finishing and the most advanced facilities in the world, Signicast can help you unlock the full potential of your product.

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