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Precision components for ground and air defense

Whether you’re manufacturing for navigation systems, artillery, radar, communication, or UAVs and ground units, the components you manufacture for the defense industry need to be built on quality, performance, and reliability. That’s where we come in.


At Signicast, we have experience casting reliable, high-performing components for applications such as:

  • Electronic housing units for LiDAR and radar technologies

  • Projectile launchers

  • Guidance and navigational systems

  • UAV components

  • Track and drive systems

  • Mounted sensing systems

  • Mounting and hinge components

  • Exoskeleton and assisted mobility

With Signicast investment castings, you can cash in on our value engineering and experience in the defense industry to get your product from concept to mass production. With our complex casting capabilities, shorter lead times, and secure supply chains, we can provide superior components that deliver on performance—every single time.


Shorten lead times with rapid prototyping

Take advantage of Signicast’s rapid prototyping and shorter lead times to get your product into the field as quickly as possible. In addition to several in-house rapid prototyping capabilities—including SLA and PMMA pattern material for exact, fully functional prototypes—we also partner with DDM Systems for rapid additive manufacturing, so your prototype can be available at a fraction of conventional cost and lead-time.

When it comes to lead time, we utilize our tooling experience and proprietary automation to ensure that you have your part in hand as quickly as possible. Because our tooling is manufactured in-house, we can eliminate the middle man that can slow production down by as much as a month, all while streamlining your supply chain.

Our proprietary automation delivers an efficient, unbroken flow of product so you can get your parts without the idle wait times associated with shift changes. And with this technology, we can ramp production up and down with demand. Our investment casting process is not only quick, but flexible, too.

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Secure supply chains

In addition to reliable components and speedy delivery, components for the defense industry often require strict, controlled documentation throughout the manufacturing process. Signicast meets and exceeds the highest of standards by maintaining compliance with NADCAP, ITAR, AS9100, and NIST requirements.

In addition, we partner with NADCAP-certified suppliers to make sure that your component is fully documented from start to finish and your supply chain is secure.

Aluminum and stainless steel castings for the defense industry

Although we pour pretty much any alloy 24/7, we’ve had success casting stainless steel and aluminum alloys for the defense industry. Stainless steel is especially efficient for applications that require high strength and temperature resistance like projectile launchers, artillery bases, and surface mounted system housings for radar and other navigational technologies.

Aluminum alloys, on the other hand, provide a high strength-to-weight ratio. Our thin-wall aluminum capability is especially beneficial where weight is a limiting factor, like aircrafts or satellite equipment.

Some of our most popular materials for the defense industry are:

Signicast also offers finishing and secondary operations from functional testing to cosmetics, including CMM, anodizing, and painting.


Aerospace Investment Castings

For aerospace applications, we have found that utilizing soluble or ceramic core technologies produces the necessary complex interior features and geometries for functional, lightweight performance. Our fully-automated, continuous-flow manufacturing process ensures we deliver high-quality, durable parts on time.


From commercial jetliners to military aircrafts, we produce a variety of components for aerospace and aviation applications including:


  • Interior components
  • Airframe components
  • Non-safety critical components
  • Bearing cages
  • Hydraulic fluid system components
  • Cargo Systems
  • Landing and braking components

For aerospace manufacturers, partnering with Signicast means that you receive parts faster and with the absolute highest amount of engineering and production control. From one to several thousand, there is no project too big or too small.


Converting your part to investment casting

If you have an existing part that you’re currently machining to achieve an exact geometry, there’s a good chance you could gain better results with investment casting. While machining is a quick and functional process, it’s often not scalable over the life of the program. Discover some of the ways the investment casting process lends value, optimized throughput efficiencies, and design freedom in our free webinar.

Converting to Investment Casting

Defense manufacturing partner

If you’re looking for a supplier for high-performing, reliable components for the defense industry you’ve come to the right place. Get in contact with our team today to discover how we can add value and security to your next project.


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