Power & Hand Tools

From construction and repair to commercial cooking and home improvement, the market demands the right tool for the job. They need to be hand-held or hand-operated, affordable enough for consumers and robust enough for professionals. Signicast produces high quality, durable performance castings for the tool industry that meet your requirements for mass quantities, fast turnarounds, and lowest total cost.


Hand Tools for Aerospace

In the aerospace industry, the demand for specialized tools is inherent due to the unique requirements of custom fasteners utilized in aircraft construction. Signicast specializes in the production of custom tools tailored specifically for the aerospace sector. These tools are designed to precision to effectively install and remove the custom fasteners critical to maintenance operations. 

We prioritize the creation of tools specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of aerospace applications, guaranteeing efficiency and precision investment castings in the handling of the industry’s essential custom fasteners. 

Industry Applications

Customers in this industry are turning to Signicast to produce power and hand tools including:

  • Cordless hand tools
  • Nail guns
  • Chainsaws
  • Wrenches
  • Pneumatic hand tools
  • Multi-tools
  • Safety equipment

Signicast also contributes to the production of industry-specific hammers, fire tools designed for fire departments, and breaching tools for law enforcement. This diverse range of applications showcases Signicast’s versatility in meeting the specialized needs of various industries, ensuring the production of high-quality tools for specific purposes. 

Key applications in the tool industry are:

  • Needle nose
  • Snips
  • Handles
  • Cross drivers
  • Jaws of life
  • Pawls
  • Jaws

Flooring Nailer

Flooring Nailer with Investment Casted Metal Parts

This component is the adjustable rack for a flooring nailer made with IC 4140 and finished with black oxide.


Cow Ear Tag

Cow Ear Tag Metal Part from Investment Casting

This component is a pin to hold the plastic tag in place while tagging a cow ear. It is made with 14-4 PH stainless steel and mechanically polished.


Key Advantages of Investment Casting

The power and hand tools industry benefits from the investment casting process through the production of complex geometries, a wide selection of materials, and high dimensional accuracy.

Complex Geometries 

Power and hand tools often demand intricate shapes and internal features, such as gears, channels, and pockets. Investment casting stands out for its exceptional ability to produce these complex designs with high accuracy and detail, reducing the necessity for additional machining or assembly. This capability not only enhances efficiency but also facilitates the creation of innovative tool designs, leading to improved functionality and performance. 

Wide Material Selection

Power and hand tools demand specific material properties like strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Investment casting’s versatility with a wide range of metals and alloys allows for a tailored material selection, facilitating the creation of lightweight, durable tools with extended lifespans and resistance to harsh environments. This adaptability ensures optimal performance across various tool types and applications. 

High Dimensional Accuracy

Tight tolerances are crucial for precise tool components, and investment casting consistently delivers high dimensional accuracy, minimizing rejects and ensuring reliable tool assembly. This precision results in increased tool quality, durability, and user safety. 


Prototyping and Finishing Services

Our castings are poured from a variety of materials, such as, stainless steels, 400 series, carbon steels, cobalt, high-grade aluminum tool steels, and many more alloys. We offer rapid prototyping services for those needing design assistance or parts for production.

We also offer finishing services like painting and special machining and grinding to further enhance your products. 


Meet Market Demands

Signicast stands out in its ability to cater to customer demands, emphasizing our capacity to supply millions, and even tens of millions, of components annually. This capability is especially crucial for clients requiring substantial volume to meet market demands. 

Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in quality and delivery performance ensures that partnering with Signicast not only fulfills volume requirements, but also safeguards the reputation and growth of our customers’ brand names in the marketplace. Signicast’s dedication to both quantity and quality serves as a strategic asset for businesses looking to excel and expand in the power and hand tools industry.  


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