Fluid Technologies

Industries that rely on fluid power processes are diverse—agriculture, construction, medical/pharmaceutical, food processing, refining, power generation, the mining industry, and countless others. Even the power sources vary, using liquid or a gas to power hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. 


Key Advantages of Investment Casting

The fluid technologies industry benefits from the investment casting process through the production of intricate internal geometries and precise tolerances, as well as providing corrosion resistance, high strength, lightweight materials, and other benefits. 

Complex Internal Geometries and Tight Tolerances

Fluid systems depend on complex components such as valve bodies, pump housings, and flow meters, featuring intricate internal channels and tight tolerances. Investment casting stands out in crafting these precise shapes with high accuracy, significantly reducing or eliminating the necessity for additional machining. This capability ensures seamless and efficient

fluid flow, minimizes internal pressure drops, and effectively prevent leaks.

Corrosion Resistance

In fluid systems dealing with corrosive materials or harsh environments, investment casting proves invaluable by enabling the application of corrosion-resistant alloys. This ensures the durability and reliability of critical components such as pump housings and valves, enhancing their longevity and performance under challenging conditions. 

High-Strength and Lightweight Materials

Fluid systems frequently function under high pressure, demanding components that are both strong and lightweight. Investment casting provides a versatile range of materials to balance strength with weight reduction. This versatility enhances the efficiency and performance of components in fluid systems, meeting the requirements of strength and lightweight design for optimal operation. 

Precise Surface Finish and Internal Cleanliness

In fluid components, maintaining smooth surfaces with minimal roughness is essential to prevent turbulence and internal friction. Investment casting excels in providing excellent surface finishes, effectively reducing flow resistance and minimizing wear. 


Industry Applications

In the fluid power technology industry alone, we serve customers who specialize in:

  • Fluid/Viscosity measurement
  • Mass flow meters
  • Ultrasonic flow meters
  • Volumetric flow meters 
  • Diaphragm pumps
  • High-pressure pumps
  • Control valves
  • Check valves
  • Land based power generation

No matter the market, the power source, or the equipment, the Signicast process delivers high-quality, durable parts. Using a ceramic and soluble core casting process we can achieve highly intricate interior geometry, providing components that will function at the highest level expected and tackle the most demanding fluid power requirements.


Ceramic Coring

 Ceramic Coring Mold for Investment Casting



Soluble Wax

Soluble Wax Mold for Investment Casting


Primary applications include:

  • Flow Meters
  • Pump Housings
  • Valve bodies
  • Valve components
  • Valve housings
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Pipe clamps
  • Open and closed impellers 
  • High and low pressure pumps


Flow Meter

Flow Meter with Investment Casted Metal Parts

This part of a flow meter. It is used to measure fluid through a variety of different devices such as Coriolis, differential pressure, vortex, magnetic, ultrasonic, turbine, and positive placement meters. This component is made from CF-3M.


Design Freedom with Surface Finishes

Machining or inserting plugs into fluid technology components results in the formation of sudden 90-degree angles. This occurs as a consequence of the machining process employed during passageway creation. Instead, fluid calibration is used at Signicast to encourage laminar flow without cavitation or turbulence, which allows smooth fluid transitions without any 90-degree turns. 

Signicast works with leaders in the fluid technologies industry to optimize design flexibility, particularly in the internal passageways of several components. High surface finishes on these internal passageways are designed to reduce pressure drops or inadequate performance. Signicast utilizes a range of exotic alloys, such as high nickel alloys, stainless steel alloys, and high cobalt alloys to contribute to the production of robust and long-lasting parts.

Reliable Automation for High Volumes

Find out how our selection of materials – including stainless steel, aluminum and various other alloys, combined with our automated precision processes, can provide the superior performance and quality your fluid power parts demand. 

The proficiency and scale of Signicast determine the consistently high volumes of products we can deliver. Our strength lies in excelling with premium products and serving high-volume customers.


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