Investment Casting Process

Accelerating Precision Casting


At its core, the investment casting process is simple: create a model, form a mold, pour the metal. At most traditional precision metal foundries, you then wait anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks or more to get your part. The way we look at it, that’s simply not good enough. That’s why we’ve ensured our facilities are the most advanced of their kind anywhere in the world.

Using advanced technology, we automate almost every step of the investment casting process, radically accelerating it beyond any other manufacturer’s capabilities.

We call this Continuous Flow, and with our innovative processes and advanced automation, it can get you from design to delivery in 10 steps—often even under 10 days.





1 Computerized solidification analysis Simulates the casting process in advance, eliminating multiple trials and achieving high quality„the first time
2 Tool design/build Automated to produce patterns efficiently and provide dimensionally consistent patterns
3 Inject and assemble patterns Injects semi-solid wax using an automated process developed in-house for higher dimensional stability
4 Shell build Using robotics helps us shave more than five days off the shell-building process alone vs traditional foundries
5 Pre-heat oven The high temperature we use to melt out the wax improves the feed of liquid metal and the fine detail of the cast.
6 The pour Robotics-assisted pouring allows us to reach ultra-high temperatures, with spectrographic analysis to meet specs
7 Shell and part removal A proprietary process removes castings, while shell removal is done with high-pressure water jets and a hot chemical bath
8 Finishing Our blast cleaning operation„done with abrasive grit or steel shot„grinds and finishes the part to a smooth finish
9 Value-added plating, painting, assembly, and machining Treatments and services that all work hand in hand with our modules to make your part ready for assembly
10 Delivery Just-in-time so you don't have to hold excess inventory

This means you get all the benefits of one of the most flexible and repeatable precision metal processes in history, along with delivery of your components faster than any other investment caster, all at a lower total cost.

Any part, any volume, any level of complexity—accelerated


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