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New Product Launch – Time to Market Checklist

Signicast is a full-service investment casting company that is capable of completing parts in a fraction of the time it takes traditional investment casters. Our first to market approach starts with you, the customer. If you are starting a new project, here are the most important things to remember to get your new project up and running:

1. Early Supplier Involvement

We cannot stress how important it is to involve the Signicast team in your design phase so that we maximize your design for manufacturability and take advantage of all the opportunities and flexibilities that the investment casting process offers.

2. 2D Print and 3D Model

In order for us to be efficient with our quoting process, it is best to send your print and CAD files including the components adjacent to the casting that need to be designed. Important information such as part size, tolerance, and gating should all be included. The more our engineers have to work with, the faster we can return your completed quote.

Signicast has a very precise process in place where you can track the status of your tool being built. We make this process visible to our customer to ensure there are no surprise delays. With our innovations, in-house tool room and engineering expertise, it takes us 10 days to make an investment cast tool where the industry standard is typically 4-8 weeks.

3. Part Samples & Test Procedures

After your PO is issued, Signicast makes your project a priority. While other investment casting companies create your tool and then let it sit until they can work your project into the schedule, at Signicast, we prioritize that no matter what, when a tool hits the wax cell it is running immediately. Our continuous flow manufacturing process ensures your parts go from one cell to another without slow batch times.

If by chance there is something wrong with the tool during production, we can fix it on-site.  We may lose an hour in the production process where most facilities would lose days. Our manufacturing process is fully automated so that we can deliver an efficient, unbroken flow of product—all the time.

If you’re looking to get to market quickly, we highly recommend having an approval process planned and ready to go so that you can have a successful, fast program launch. When we get you samples, the longer it takes to approve it, the longer it will take to get your product on the shelf. Each of our customers have a different approval process, knowing the necessary steps ahead of time and having that plan in place will ensure that there are no hold-ups.

At Signicast, we work with a first to market mentality. Our state-of-the-art automation removes the old limitations of traditional investment casting. We can rapidly prototype new products, consolidate multiple parts into higher performing units, and deliver new products with true just-in-time capability—at a fraction of the time it takes other manufacturers.

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