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Adding Value with Investment Casting

Whether your current process is marred by inefficiencies, added cost, or part variance, converting to investment casting can add value to your project.

So the initial manufacturing process for your component is turning out to be less successful than you had hoped. No worries, we’ve all been there. If your current process is marred by inefficiencies, added cost, or part variance, consider making the switch to investment casting.

Investment casting is an extremely versatile manufacturing process which allows an exceptionally wide range of parts and industries to take advantage of its benefits.

Certain projects, however, stand to gain more from converting to investment casting than others. For these projects, initial manufacturing processes usually yield complex parts, but have problems with the delivery of design, cost, and speed-to-market. For instance, we often convert complex parts that were initially either cast as several separate pieces or had most of their geometries machined from solid.

Are you currently machining from solid? Talk to one of our engineers to see if your part is a better fit for the investment casting process.


The Downside of Secondary Operations

While casting several pieces and machining from solid produces a technically functional part, these processes are extremely inefficient when compared to investment casting. When the Signicast team gets involved, we take a more holistic view of your entire project, including cost, production timeline, and intended part performance. Engineers find that secondary operations associated with assembly and machining have a negative impact on both speed-to-market and part performance.

By comparison, the investment casting process offers net-shape or near net-shape parts in a fraction of the time. Using software simulation like mold flow analysis, Signicast design engineers ensure that the complex geometry within the net-shape component will be both strong and mechanically sound before they pour metal into the mold. Signicast’s ability to cast net-shape or near net-shape not only allows design engineers greater freedom, but eliminates waste associated with scrap material when machining from solid.

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And with the assistance of advanced robotics and best-in-class technology during the casting process, we automate almost every step of the way, guaranteeing repeatability and radically accelerating the manufacturing process beyond any other manufacturer’s capabilities.

The Value of Investment Casting

As Lann Ellis, Signicast Sales Engineer puts it, “The repeatability you achieve with this process by reducing or eliminating downstream operations also reduces rework loops and streamlines the journey from manufacturing to customer.”

With investment casting, you get all the benefits of one of the most optimized, repeatable precision metal processes in history, all while reducing the need for assembly and machining down the line and accelerating your speed-to-market.

Looking for more resources on converting to investment casting? Download our free white paper on Making the Move to Investment Casting to learn about the solutions that investment casting can provide and how other customers have successfully converted their components.

Investment Casting | Precision Casting | CNC Machine 

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