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Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Investment Casting Company

If you have ever worked with an investment casting company or visited their plant, you know how manually intense the process is—and it takes a lot longer than other casting methods. When searching for an investment casting company, there is no need to settle for traditional or ordinary. Here are the top five things to consider when searching for the best investment casting company.

Quality & Repeatability

Investment casting is considered a net-shape or near net shape process and it can be done consistently with the right tools. We believe the key to great quality starts with early supplier involvement during the formative stage of product design. With over 30 engineers on staff, our technical and CAD capabilities are available to help you improve the way your existing component is produced—even if it was previously manufactured by another casting process.

We start with high-quality wax injection tooling and we create a manufacturing process that never stops. Our tool building process helps to reduce project time and aids in building more complex tools to create high-quality, complex parts with the tightest tolerances. Tool building process that is unparalleled in capability and speed. Everything is based on speed getting that tool finished. Additionally, we utilize simulation software to simulate solidification during the casting process resulting in significant time savings by eliminating multiple trials—thus achieving a high-quality repeatable process, the first time.

Speed & Delivery

When you think of investment casting, we know most people are concerned with speed. In fact, some people would say that investment casting is one of the most frustrating casting processes because it is typically very slow. At Signicast, we have eliminated the word slow from all aspects of our business. We don’t batch projects like other investment casting companies, we connect all the dots so each project runs as one complete operation—from tooling to finishing, robots move parts one from step to the next in a continuous flow. Other investment casting companies complete each process independently of each other—often leaving your parts sitting at one cell for weeks at a time—while Signicast does it all in one consecutive process. Doing so helps drastically reduce defects and potential part failure.

Speed is so critical especially if you are getting defective parts. You wait a long time and then get shitty parts. Combining the speed and the quality is the kicker. If you ship a part on-time but it's defective is it really on time? Quality before speed—but it just so happens we get everything done just as fast.

If you visit our Hartford, Wisconsin facility you will see a completely automated manufacturing system incorporating robotics, eliminating material handling to deliver your job faster and better than any other investment caster.

With true just-in-time delivery, you do not have to keep heavy inventory to cater to market fluctuations. Our average throughput for new product launch once we get the purchase order to build the tool, inject the parts, send samples, get approval and run the project, is less than 8 weeks. That is less than the average investment casting company takes to run a project for a current customer. 

Contact our team today to schedule a plant tour to experience the Signicast difference firsthand. 

Lowest Total Cost

While many of today’s casting companies promise the cheapest part price, Signicast strives to offer the lowest total cost which includes getting your product to market faster while still producing a high-quality cast part. We operate with a first to market mentality meaning our customers provide their production schedules and Signicast develops a delivery program to accommodate their workflow. Our continuous flow manufacturing process enables us to reduce cost due to less labor which in turns helps us create the lowest total cost for our customers.

The extreme flexibility of the Signicast investment casting facility is the reason why we are a true just-in-time manufacturer. Signicast is ready and equipped to handle radical shifts in output when you are faced with unexpected spikes in demand for your product. If you want repeatability, low lead times, better reliability, and total support, contact our team today to experience the Signicast difference.


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