Investment Castings For Aerospace

From prototype to full production, Signicast offers solution-based investment casting to the aerospace industry— much faster than some of the largest, most well-known aerospace manufacturers. Supplier rate readiness is crucial to project success and we believe it is one of our strengths in this industry. We can support changes in demand so you’ll never have to be bogged down with costly inventory. And we partner with NADCAP approved suppliers for outside operations like heat treat and non-destructive testing when required. 


If your projects are held-up by long batching and lead times, contact our team today to see what solutions Signicast can offer your business.

Aerospace Investment Castings

8620, 17-4PH, 15-5PH & Aluminum

At Signicast, we pour a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys including 300 stainless steels that can be cast almost as thin as aluminum. Then, utilizing soluble or ceramic core technologies, we can produce complex interior features or geometries. Our castings have the integrity and performance required by the aerospace industry and our fully-automated, continuous-flow manufacturing process ensures we deliver high-quality, durable parts on time. 

Learn about our process automation and just-in-time manufacturing technique to see how we can deliver faster lead times and greater control.

From commercial jetliners to military aircrafts, we produce a variety of components for aerospace and aviation applications including:

  • Interior components
  • Airframe components
  • Non-safety critical components
  • Bearing cages
  • Hydraulic fluid system components
  • Cargo Systems
  • Landing and braking components

If you’re stuck with an investment caster that takes too long to create parts, partner with Signicast to receive parts faster and with the absolute highest amount of engineering and production control. From one to several thousand, there is no project too big or too small. Realize the cost benefits of working with the Signicast engineering team—we also offer conversion assistance. Whatever your project needs, we can help! Contact our team today!

If you're interested in prototyping and have a new project coming up, fill out the form below to download our free on-demand webinar and learn more from our team of engineers!


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