Free Technical Seminar with Lann Ellis

Are you searching for parts with higher performance? Are you looking to push the limits of what’s possible in casting? And to do it all in a fraction of the time of old-school alternatives? Request a free on-site technical seminar with Lann Ellis to learn more about Signicast and the investment casting process.

Free of charge, at your doorstep – our seminars examine component function, demonstrating how investment casting can achieve lower costs, better performance and higher quality. We provide the expertise, presentation and samples—all you provide is the venue and the people to train. We will bring everything else to you!


  • More about the investment casting process 
  • The wide variety of available alloys 
  • Design for manufacturing techniques to optimize your project 
  • Best practices for GD&T 
  • The tolerances possible with investment casting 
  • Case study examples that prove the process 
  • Conversion solutions to help you save 
  • More! 

Who will benefit from an in-person seminar:

  • Product designers and engineers 
  • Material specifiers and manufacturing engineers 
  • Managers of design, product engineering, and sourcing 
  • Value analysis engineers and cost-reduction staff

Lann Ellis, Territory Sales Engineer

signicast sales engineer in collared shirt and black blazer

"The list of benefits you stand to gain with investment casting goes on. There is not a cookie-cutter approach to conversion, but through open dialogue, we can positively impact your business and improve your top and bottom line."


Looking for some investment casting expertise? Get in contact with Lann today.

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