Achieving Best-In-Class Dimensions/Tolerances

Improve Quality By Design

The best test of any manufacturing process is that you get the same quality after the thousandth part as you got on the first. That your design holds its dimensions and tolerances to multiple decimal points through every unit produced.

Other manufacturers call it exceptional repeatability. At Signicast, we call it business as usual.

Investment casting is already capable of excellent repeatability, but with early involvement and input by our technical staff, we take it even further. 

Using our expert knowledge and world-leading technology, we can quickly identify and virtually eliminate sources of tolerance variation. And we don’t restrict ourselves to any single factor. We’ll create value right across part design, tooling, position, and production.

All you need to remember? Get Signicast involved in design early.

Make precision possible. Every time.


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Last updated 12.11.2019