Off-highway Vehicles

The agriculture and construction industries are known as much for their never-ending need for production as for the hard work that goes into them. Providing crops, livestock, and infrastructure for the population, in any weather and any terrain, requires dependable equipment.

Our precision castings provide the durability and performance needed to keep off-highway heavy equipment up and running regardless of how the grueling the chore or unforgiving the environment. Our key segments in the farm and construction industry are:

  • Tractors
  • Agricultural implements
  • Specialty trucks
  • Bucket attachments
  • Forklifts

Signicast utilizes the latest in technology and processes to improve part quality at super-high strengths while reducing costs. The result of this process is high-quality, durable parts for the entire industry. Our primary applications in agriculture include:

  • Combine components
  • Seed meter housings
  • Harvest fingers
  • Separators
  • Engine Components

We manufacture our precision castings with the highest quality materials, including steel, iron, aluminum, and other various alloys with an emphasis on strength and hardness. Additionally, we offer prototyping services and finishing services to further enhance the products you deliver.

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