Lawn & Garden

Gardening has become one of the most popular hobbies for homeowners, and manufacturers are designing new equipment every day to help gardeners make their job a little easier.

Retailers and gardening brands alike want to supply gardeners the tools they can count on, whether hand tools or power tools for the lawn. Signicast’s long-standing tradition of creating quality products means we can ensure yours are built to last and exceed the strictest of standards. Our key segments in the lawn and garden market include:

  • Commercial mowers
  • Golf & turf care
  • Residential lawn
  • Aeration

Key applications in the law and garden industry include:

  • Deck height adjusters
  • Tines
  • Blade attachments
  • Brackets
  • Hydraulic trunnions

The growing DIY trend along with a large population of older gardeners is fueling the demand for lighter weight and innovative tools. Signicast can help manufacturers in this industry achieve complex geometry and strong, durable parts using a variety of ferrous based alloys, improve the quality of your components, and reduce both the weight and cost of each part. We also offer prototyping services and finishing services including special machining and grinding and component assembly.

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