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SOPHIA® Process

SOPHIA®, an advanced investment casting technique offered by CIREX Foundry, the European sister company of Signicast, is gaining prominence in key sectors including aerospace, defense, and specialized applications.

SOPHIA Process

Employing precise post-casting cooling, SOPHIA® enhances component geometry, resulting in a finer microstructure and superior mechanical properties. Learn more about the critical role of the SOPHIA® process in this whitepaper.

Download a copy of our SOPHIA® Process whitepaper to learn:

  • An overview of the alloys used today
  • Controlled cooling for controlled solidification
  • Solidification rate
  • Typical aspects of aluminium investment casting
  • Mechanical properties
  • Fatigue life

A quote “from the guide”:

"Compared to conventional investment casting, the SOPHIA® process achieves a smaller dendrite arm spacing (DAS) and a better molded eutectic. No additional modifying process of the melt necessary."



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