Investment Casting Materials and Capabilities CIREX

CIREX Investment Casting Materials and Capabilities Webinar

CIREX, a Signicast Company, is a global development partner and producer of high-quality precision investment castings. With over 80 years of experience in the “lost wax” process, CIREX delivers lightweight steel components in net-shape or near net-shape form to meet the needs of their high-tech customers.

The investment casting process has significant advantages over other manufacturing processes, including greater freedom in complex designs and material choice, leading to better-performing components. In order to help customers take full advantage the investment casting process, CIREX is hosting free webinar on our investment casting capabilities, benefits, technologies, and materials.

In this webinar, we cover:

·       CIREX and Signicast capabilities

·       Investment casting technology and process

·       Material options

·       Case studies

·       And more!

** Please note that this webinar is in English. For best experience, please register and watch the webinar on one of our supported browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. **

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