Investment Casting and Ceramic 3D Printing

In recent years, Signicast has been expanding its prototyping services to meet the needs and demands of their growing customers—from rapid in-house tooling to PMMA and SLA patterns for strength and design validation. Signicast knows that when looking for a fully functional prototype that will streamline the transition to mass production, their customers don't want to sacrifice quality for time or cost.


That’s why Signicast and DDM moved to form a strategic partnership in September of 2020, to deliver the high-quality prototypes and investment cast components faster than ever before.


With a new partnership comes new technologies and possibilities. DDM's LAMP™ (Large Area Maskless Photopolymerization) ceramic 3D printing technology brings advanced capabilities—including topology optimization and generative designs—for achieving complex components our customers have come to expect from Signicast with the convenience and shorter lead times of 3D printing.


In this webinar, our Vice President of Sales at Signicast, Pete Lorenz, joins DDM founder and Chief Technology Officer, Suman Das, to discuss how this new technology will best serve our customers. We’ll be covering:


·      Investment casting and ceramic 3D printing process foundations

·      Metal quality and options with ceramic printing

·      Pros and cons of ceramic 3D printing versus 3D metal printing

·      Case studies

·      And more!


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