Can You Cast It? Cost savings through conversion

I bet you’ve heard that CNC machining is less costly for low volume runs and provides quick prototypes for proof of concept. 

But have you heard, that eventually, there is a crossover point is reached where investment casting is more cost-effective for larger production volumes¾and even offers a variety of prototyping processes that validate proof of concept?

Investment casting’s ability to achieve near net-shapes significantly reduces, and can often, eliminate the need for machining completely. You can achieve faster turnaround for volume production with significantly less labor cost and material waste.

To learn more, join Signicast’s Sales Engineer, Josh Geib, and Prototype Manager, Zach Manvilla, and Zach Manvilla, as they cover:

·       Manufacturing trends in the marketplace

·       When investment casting makes sense over CNC machining and other manufacturing methods

·       Cost-saving benefits

·       Conversion case studies

·       And more!


When: Thursday, October 27

Time: 2:00 p.m. EST

Where: Online – join from anywhere!

Presenters: Josh Geib, Eastern Territory Sales Engineer and Zach Manvilla, Prototype Manager



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