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Maximizing Investment Casting Potential with Secondary Operations

Maximizing investment casting potential with secondary operations

Secondary operations play a pivotal role in enhancing the capabilities and versatility of investment casting processes. While investment casting itself excels in creating intricate and complex geometries, the integration of secondary operations introduces several additional benefits. 


Comprehensive Machining and Casting Solutions

Not every machine shop possesses the expertise to effectively machine a casting, just as not every investment caster is proficient in machining. Signicast recognizes this challenge and has established a dedicated internal machining team alongside our investment casting engineering team, collaborating closely during product launches and qualification process to ensure the development of the most durable and consistent end products. This collaboration enhances casting features for improved machine performance and pushes our casting capabilities to minimize machining stock, reducing time and costs. 


Signicast employees working on secondary operations

Functional Modifications

Secondary operations allow for drilling, tapping, and other processes to create functional features like holes, threads, and slots that may not be feasible during the initial casting process. These operations include straightening and coining, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional CNC machining and providing a more economical option for controlling the position and flatness of specific features.


Secondary Operations Tapping Process Machine


Improved Surface Finish

Secondary operations like tumble polishing, media blasting, and more can remove surface imperfections like parting lines, flash, and minor casting defects. These processes address these issues while also enhancing the surface finish rating, reducing the need for costly manual polishing operations. By using more automated processes, they streamline production and ensure that components meet their functional requirements efficiently.

Visit our Surface Finishes & Plating page to learn more about our capabilities.


Signicast employee doing sand blasting

Sand Blasting


Enhanced Dimensional Accuracy

While investment casting offers tight tolerances, secondary machining can achieve even greater dimensional accuracy for critical features. This is especially beneficial for parts requiring precise fits or interfaces with other components.

Secondary Operations Machining



Secondary operations serve as indispensable complements to investment casting processes, amplifying their capabilities and refining end products. From comprehensive machining solutions to functional modifications, these operations not only enhance dimensional accuracy but also optimize surface finish and functional features. Embracing the integration between investment casting and secondary operations opens doors to endless possibilities, propelling industries forward with unparalleled quality and performance.

As a one-stop-shop for investment casting and secondary operations, Sigincast helps to scale up production, exceed diverse project requirements, and maintain consistent quality standards. We excel in seamlessly managing sudden increases in demand, giving us a competitive edge in the casting industry.

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