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Streamlining Your Supply Chain with Signicast

Manufacturers in the medical and healthcare industry turn to Signicast to streamline their supply chain and get to market faster.

You’ve developed your concept, ironed out the kinks in the design stage, and you’re ready to start manufacturing your component to get to market as soon as possible. Unfortunately, for some industries, there are still roadblocks that slow a program’s progress from the design phase into mass production.

For manufacturers in the healthcare and medical industries that are subject to regulatory entities like the FDA, getting to market involves several stringent testing and validation phases—sometimes even before the part is cast.

Components are typically tested for function, durability, biocompatibility, and sometimes, ease of use. To pass these tests, each phase of the manufacturing process for the final part must be approved. For medical manufacturers, you can’t validate a medical device prototype by machining from bar stock, and expect to use another manufacturing process for the end product. Each process you plan to use in mass production needs to be taken into consideration and approved by the governing bodies.

At Signicast, we know that expediency isn’t only relevant to the medical industry. If your current manufacturing process is falling short of timely delivery expectations or you’re looking to get a safe, reliable product to market as soon as possible to beat out the competition, you need the quick quote turnaround time, automation, and just-in-time delivery of Signicast.

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Quote turnaround in one week or less

When choosing a supplier, the entire process begins with requesting a quote. Although not always considered a critical step in product launch, quote turnaround is a foundational step towards moving your program forward. We know your time is valuable, and we want to make sure that you can get the ball rolling with your chosen manufacturing process as quickly as possible. We make it a priority to get a quote back to you as soon as we can.

Process automation

Typically, processes like machining are chosen for their relative speed and complex capabilities. But with Signicast, you can achieve the same rate of production and complexity with our advanced proprietary automation. And our automated processes not only deliver on speed—they deliver on reliability and regulatory requirements.

By default, manufacturing processes that employ automation eliminate some of the scrap associated with human error. Process automation shows regulatory entities that your company is doing its due diligence for quality control throughout the entire supply chain, streamlining your program’s road to approval and validation.

Reduced lead times for just-in-time delivery

Signicast has a unique ability to ramp up and ramp down production on demand. Because we can deliver precisely the right components, exactly when you need them, you can plan your needs according to your production schedule instead of stocking up and taking up valuable space. This means that for components that require testing and validation, you can submit an order once your component is approved and still get to market quickly, rather than submitting an order before approval that may require modifications.

Ultimately, it means you can hold less inventory, reduce costs, and ensure your parts don’t become obsolete.

Investment Casting | Process Control | Medical Manufacturer

Don’t want to take our word for it? Just ask this oil & gas industry customer, who sourced a continuously-failing part with a high-scrap yield from another investment caster for three years before switching to Signicast—where they got their part tooled and in production in just under eight weeks.

Get to market sooner with Signicast

In today’s world, efficiency is king. In order to remain competitive, manufacturers need to streamline processes wherever possible. Although component validation presents a potential roadblock for manufacturers in the medical field and similar industries, getting to market sooner is made easier with Signicast.


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Last updated 07.09.2020