Signicast Named Top Prototype Engineering Services Company for 2021

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Defining the standards of prototyping

Charlotte, NC – (February 4, 2021) – We are proud to announce that Signicast has been named Top Prototype Engineering Services Company for 2021 by Manufacturing Technology Insights.

Manufacturing Technology Insights recognized Signicast for their dedication to innovation and quality when it comes to utilizing a variety of prototyping technologies to deliver high performance, fully functional prototypes to their customers. Singicast’s prototyping offerings include ceramic 3D printed shells, 3D printed wax patterns, SLA (Stereolithography), PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate), machining from solid, and Direct Metal Laser Sintering.

To learn more about Signicast’s prototyping offerings visit this blog post.

Until recently, Signicast held a reputation of being solely a precision investment casting supplier. Among the casting processes leveraged today, investment casting is the oldest and one of the most efficient metal-forming techniques. Using low-volume production runs in the foundry, it takes 6 to 8 weeks before a customer’s prototype is ready and subjected to a multitude of functionality tests.

But that is not good enough, according to Marc Riquelme, President of Signicast. “For this very reason, we have incorporated the most advanced technologies, automating almost every step of the investment casting and prototyping process. We can address all your prototyping needs in one place, from enhancing the prototype design to making it ready for mass production.”

Offering prototypes for budget and performance

In an industry where most prototyping houses stick to a cookie-cutter approach, Signicast differentiates itself by offering a variety of prototyping and manufacturing options to clients based on the lead time, quality, and budget. Through innovation and efficiency, Signicast is successfully cutting down the throughput time required for the investment casting process. “Rather than offloading the pressure on the clients, we help them choose the processes that can best serve their needs,” says Pete Lorenz, Vice President of Sales.

Signicast has developed continuously to address evolving prototyping requirements over the years, dedicating sales and technical staff in multiple facilities across the U.S. and Europe to cater to an ever-increasing client base. Signicast prioritizes equipping engineers and metallurgists with the extensive knowledge and expertise required to guide clients through a successful prototyping run.

Today, Signicast caters to customers from a variety of sectors, including defense and aerospace, medical equipment and devices, recreational vehicles, fluid technologies, mining and oilfield, firearms, power and hand tools, among many others.

If you’re looking for the best prototyping partner for your next project, contact a Signicast engineer today to learn more about Signicast’s options, capabilities, and the value of a solutions-driven business partner.

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