Invar, which was founded in 1896 by Swiss physicist Charles Edouard Guillaume and trademarked by Imphy Alloys, is made up of 36% nickel and 64% iron. With a similar look and feel to steel, Invar has had a significant impact on the development of scientific instruments and incandescent light bulbs. Today, it is used in a vast number of household appliances and controls.

Invar is a trademark of Imphy Alloys, France

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**These numbers are based on actual test data and represent the alloy’s range of possible mechanical properties. This data is not meant to replace design guides and specifications and should not be used by themselves for design purposes. Please consult with Signicast’s engineering team for further assistance.  

Mechanical Properties

Material Alloy Tensile Strength   Yield Strength (0.2%)   Hardness   Hardness  
PSI x 103
PSI x 103
Rockwell B (HRC)
Rockwell C (HRC)


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