Signicast Wins Focus on Energy Award

Signicast was awarded the Excellence in Energy Efficiency award presented by Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s utilities statewide program for energy efficiency. Signicast was recognized for their tremendous efforts to reduce energy consumption.

The Focus on Energy program provides participants with the ability to reduce their energy consumption and impact Wisconsin’s environment. Signicast has spent countless hours looking at every aspect of their investment casting facility to reduce energy waste. As of today, we are using about five million kilowatt hours less per year (compared to five years ago) creating a cost savings of $500,000.

“With support from management, we went to a strategic energy management seminar to help us create a plan and put things together to create an energy reduction team. It has become a regular routine to see how we can do things better and save more energy,” says Bob Nickel, Signicast’s Senior Plant Engineer.

The benefits of the energy efficiency projects go far beyond reduced energy consumption and cost savings. They support technology innovation, job creation, lowered environmental impacts, increased competitiveness, and reduced dependence on non-renewable resources.

"We are so proud to congratulate each these winners," said Charley Budd, Program Director for Focus on Energy. "These organizations have taken impressive steps in reducing energy waste which not only helps them lower their operating costs, but allows them to reinvest in their businesses and support their communities."

Continuing commitment to reducing energy waste which helps the economy and environment is and always will be a goal at Signicast. We are proud to support our community here in the Milwaukee area and look forward to furthering energy innovations for the future.

blue and white diamond shaped award
signicast workers pose with award

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Last updated 08.17.2021