Manufacturing Tours for Education


Signicast works with local schools, the Washington County Alliance, the Dodge County Manufacturing Business Alliance (MBA) and GPS Education Partners to help educate students on the manufacturing process and accelerate student preparation for technical careers.

Our Hartford location is a showplace for tours. Students that tour our plant get to see the design process with our engineers, through the production with our plant technicians, all the way through to shipment. They get the opportunity to see and learn so many aspects of the manufacturing process in one place—teachers love to bring their students here. The school tours range mostly from 8th grade through high school but tours are welcome to colleges and universities as well.

Tours start with an overview of the investment casting process so students know what to expect during their plant tour. After the tour, the students come back to the auditorium for a follow-up. They’ll learn about different programs that Signicast offers and how they can apply to begin a career in manufacturing. If students are interested, Signicast offers job shadowing for more detailed information.

Port Washington High School recently awarded Signicast with a plaque for their support and donations towards Port Washington’s education in technology and engineering.  



plaque dedicated to signicast from local high school

Contact our Hartford location to sign up for a student tour, today!


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