Dynacast Acquires Signicast

Opens new markets, expands diversification.

Dynacast International, a manufacturer of precision engineered metal components, completes its previously announced acquisition of Signicast, LLC., as of March 31, 2017.

Dynacast is a global leader in die casting and metal injection molding. Signicast is a highly automated and vertically integrated manufacturer of precision investment cast parts. Combining the companies’ offerings will provide customers even more design freedom, with expanded choices of material, part complexity, and volume.

After the merger, Signicast will remain as a separate operating division, ensuring business as usual for customers.

“Given Signicast’s complementary manufacturing technology, this acquisition expands our existing customer offerings and accelerates our strategic vision for growth. I am pleased to be working closely with the Signicast team to ensure that the combined company continues to provide our customers with unparalleled technology, quality, and service,” stated Simon Newman, Dynacast’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

The acquisition adds over 800 employees from Signicast’s two campuses in Wisconsin, expanding Dynacast’s footprint to more than 9,500 employees in 27 locations. The merger enables Dynacast to continue growing both businesses, with intentions to globalize the Signicast division in the coming years.

This transformative acquisition supports Dynacast’s strategic vision toward becoming a $1 billion-plus organization over the next two to three years and furthers Dynacast’s position as the foremost global manufacturer of precision metal components. 


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