Hartford Facility

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The Signicast complex in Hartford is where our Continuous Flow Manufacturing philosophy really hits its stride. One thing you'll notice when you visit the plant floor is that there aren't piles of parts sitting around. That’s because nothing ever stops moving. Designed from the outset to function much like a single long production line, you’ll be hard pressed to find another plant like it anywhere.

Designed for maximum flexibility and responsiveness for our customers, the Hartford plants provide true “just-in-time” delivery of medium- to high-volume parts. By producing small quantities on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, we can ship exact quantities on the day you request, with the same low price for any quantity. Unscheduled orders can be turned around in as little as five days – perhaps even less, depending on the type of part and schedule availability.

Signicast Growth
    Designed from inception to change the investment casting industry. This plant started our continuous flow philosophies and introduced most of our robotic technologies. This plant pours low alloy steel, 400S and tool steel. Module 1 opened in June of 1993 with 66,084 square feet of manufacturing space.
    Covers 76,149 square feet, and opened in November 1997. With the success of Module 1, Module 2 was created with improvements such as the ability to pour and cut-off stainless steel investment casting.
    When this 82,654-square-foot facility opened in August 2003, it truly set Signicast even further apart from the competition. With state-of-the-art robotics, including robotic pour, and automated investment casting processes, Module 3 is the envy of investment casters around the globe.
    This 85,085 square foot facility was completed in 2006, and is Signicast’s most innovative yet. Featuring much of the same functionality as Module 3, but with even more proprietary automated processes.
    Completed in 2001, this 74,364 square feet facility houses all secondary operations including machining, assembly, vibratory tumbling and painting. Parts are routed from each investment casting module via roof top conveyor. Upon arrival they are automatically routed to the required cells where they are completed and shipped per the customers requirements. Signicast developed proprietary wax is produced in this plant and routed to each module, including our Milwaukee plant.

Technological highlights:

  • An Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) delivers product quickly and efficiently (on demand) from one station to the next.
  • 10 Signicast designed automatic wax presses and one automatic sprue press.
  • Patented Wax Distribution System maintains precise temperature control for maximum dimensional repeatability.
  • Four robots perform dipping functions with absolute precision and efficiency.
  • Samples from each lot are weighed to assure conformance of shell requirements; data is stored in computer database.
  • In pouring stage, chemistry of each heat is analyzed with a spectrometer (standardized twice per shift and at each alloy change).
  • When caustic cleaning of parts is required, robots load/unload eight molds at a time.
  • Finishing fixtures are designed and built by Signicast’s Tooling Center.
  • If machining, assembly, painting, or plating is required, parts are sent to Module 5 via an overhead conveyor.