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We became the largest commercial investment caster in the world by being

When combining Speed, Quality, Flexibility & Capability

Signicast has proven time & again

we provide the World’s lowest total cost for commercial investment castings.



With 30 engineers on staff, Signicast works in partnership with the customer to produce high quality components that result in superior performance and durability.

  • Improved Manufacturability
  • Lower Assembly Costs
  • Elimination of Secondary Operations
  • Reduced Design Cycle Time
  • Enhanced Product Features

World-Class Manufacturing


We have the industry's shortest lead-times – what takes others weeks, we accomplish in days.


Signicast quality levels are World class. Our proprietary processes provide dimensional control, surface finish and lot to lot repeatability that is unmatched by anyone in the casting industry.


We prefer small lots more frequently and ship what you need when you want it, drastically reducing inventory.


We control your components quality by providing a complete part including in-house heat treat, machining, powder coat, assembly and many other secondary operations.